Naya Rivera’s ex Ryan Dorsey rushes to son’s side as hopes fade Glee star is alive

Naya Rivera’s ex Ryan Dorsey rushes to son’s side as hopes fade Glee star is alive

Naya Rivera’s ex-hubby Ryan Dorsey dashed to his son’s side after the Glee actress vanished without a trace on Wednesday.

Hope the actress, 33, will be found alive has been fading just hours after she disappeared in what police have been describing in a “tragic accident”.

She disappeared from a boat, leaving behind her four-year-old son alone on board.

A heart-wrenching time for all the family, the dad comforted his child when they were reunited at the home

where Naya’s sister Nickayla lives in Valencia, California on Thursday.

It’s claimed Ryan hadn’t been in contact with his ex-wife and he’s wrecked by the news.

The unnamed housemate told The Daily Mail:

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“Ryan headed up there as soon as they found their son to look after him.

He has left by the time I got home Wednesday.

“Naya has been in Los Angeles working but I don’t know where she has been living.

None of us know any more than what is being reported.

“Naya hadn’t been in contact with him.

She didn’t tell him what she was doing.

He did not understand.

It’s a horrible circumstance and we’re hoping for the best.”

The reunion comes hours after the search for the Glee actress picked up again.

Daylight has allowed the police to return to the water to hunt for the actress on Thursday morning.

Over 10,000 people signed a petition urging Ventura County cops to pick up the search. user Memphis Johnston’s petition grabbed the attention of 10,000 in less than an hour when it began circulating online.

The starlet is presumed dead after she vanished without a trace on Lake Piru in Ventura County, California on Wednesday.

His haunting words to authorities left a chill.

He said his mother had “jumped into the water but didn’t come back up”, according to TMZ.

They had only been out on the water for three hours before they found Josey on his own.

Night fell on Wednesday bringing the search team swooping the area to a halt.

It forced them to suspend their operation until Thursday morning.

Helicopters, divers and droves had been out in full force to find the TV sensation.

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