My neighbour raped me last night – Lady cries out (photos)

My neighbour raped me last night – Lady cries out (photos)

A South African lady has narrated how she was raped by her neighbour whom she trusted so much.

The lady identified as Happiness took to Twitter to reveal how the neighbour whom she asked to walk her down to her home pounced on her and raped her.

She wrote:

I honestly never thought such would happen to me especially with someone so close to ladies; please buy pepper spray and Carry it with you all the time these dogs strike at anytime.

I Asked him to walk me home because I wanted to be safe I trusted him.. When we got next to my gate things changed next thing I’m on the floor next thing his strangling me i am on the floor “fustk thula uyarasa” he said..i trusted him.

I reported my rape in the morning before I even went to the hospital my rapist was still and at dat tym he even went to my house and apologized to my parents Police took their time and only come to my house around 6pm to get a statement Now the guy is no where to be found.

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