“My Husband Washes My Pants ” Anita Joseph

“My Husband Washes My Pants ” Anita Joseph

Curvy actress, Anita Joseph Olagunju and her husband have joined the ‘pant washing’ conversation that sprang up after BBNaija’s Neo seen washing his love interest, Vee’s panties.

Anita Joseph explained that her husband Michael Fisayo Olagunju, aka

MC Fish washes her panties all the time and there’s nothing wrong with it.

She added that if a man can perform cunnilingus on a woman, then washing her underwear is no big deal.

She mentioned that most of those saying they can never wash

a woman’s underwear are the ones who engage in cunnilingus the most.

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Her husband, who was in the background, agreed with all she was saying.

Watch the video below;

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