My cousin tried to strangle me in my sleep – Nigerian lady cries out

My cousin tried to strangle me in my sleep – Nigerian lady cries out

A Nigerian lady who her cousin wanted to strangle while sleeping has come out to call her cousin out online.

Furthermore, the lady whose name is Felix Vic took to her Facebook page to talk about how her cousin, Blessing attacked her while sleeping.

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She wrote;

Oh lord, I want to thank you that March 30th 2020 was not my last day. I was not feeling fine, so I took injections that made me slept off.

I woke up not seeing my phones iPhone X and Samsung note two my purse my money atm and all…

I called my Aunty she said she was not the person that took it even though she’s the last person that left the house.

I kept quiet she came home and asked why I was not crying I smiled and said

my God would provide another phone for me when I am beautiful and better… at midnight around 4 am when

I was sleeping I woke up to meet my Aunty hand on my neck trying to kill me using an iron to nack my head that I must die today…

Vic you must die today strangling my neck so hard I was shouting and screaming help. My blood was pouring over my mouth.

I was just about to give up before my neighbours came.. she said they shouldn’t worry that I had convotion.

She kept hitting me with the iron saying nobody will help you here.. until they broke the door.

A few weeks back, she was asking where are my car documents that I should give it her to keep. Thank God I did not give it to her.

She wants to kill me cus of my shop, my house, my car and my phones.. this is my daddy brother daughter I love so much, feed and do so many things for.

I don’t know what I have done wrong.. this aunty did not even pity my dad I am his only hope.

My atm is with her she knows my pin am afraid now if she hasn’t withdrawn all my money.

Been searching for her since yesterday nowhere to be found. Incase anybody sees her,

her name is Blessing Ngozii Festus … pls, you all should help me beg her to leave my life alone …:

I should have been dead if not for God and my neighbours. Now I can’t stay at my house.

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