Mother-to-be is left shocked to see a ‘devil baby’ during pregnancy scan

A young mother-to-be has been left in shock after her pregnancy scan appears to show that she may be carrying a ‘devil baby’ inside of her.

During the scan, the baby looked at the camera and grinned, the result showing what left the mother-to-be in shock.

17-year old Iyanna Carrington was at her 24-weeks gender scan when she was shown the result which scared her.

She later celebrated with her husband when the nurse told them that they were expecting a girl.

According to the nurse, the ‘demon look’ displayed by the supposed ‘devil baby’ is quite normal and doesn’t call for concern.

Carrington shared on social media:

‘They showed her face and she looked normal. Then the nurse confirmed she was girl, but I knew that deep down already.

‘Then they put it back on her face and she was just looking right at me like that.

‘I said ”she looks like a ghost” in the doctor’s office and the doctor said ”yeah, that’s very [normal]”. She looked a bit crazy.

‘I’d never seen anything like it. I was going to see whether she was a boy or girl.

‘I love this devil baby so much already.

‘Most babies hide from the camera. She looked towards straight at me and she scared me a bit because the room was dark.’

She added: ‘I don’t know why she looked like that. Some people from the internet thought she was fake, but that’s my real life baby there.

‘The dad was there too. He was shocked by the news that she was a girl, because he has two sons and he thought it would going to be another boy.

‘We were just laughing at the scan. You can see her little nose on [the other image]. You can tell she’s beautiful really.’ 

Mother-to-be is left shocked to see a 'devil baby' during
Mother-to-be is left shocked to see a ‘devil baby’ during

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