MET police have asked me to return to work- BBNaija’s Khafi says

MET police have asked me to return to work- BBNaija’s Khafi says

Former BBNaija reality TV star, Khafi Kareem has stated that the Metropolitan police in the UK has asked her to resume work.

While in the BBNaija house, report surfaced that the Metropolitan police wanted to terminate her job because she left for the reality TV show without permission from her superiors.

In an interview with Mirror, Khafi who returned to the UK weeks ago stated that she did take permission from her bosses before leaving for the show.

She also revealed that she has been asked to resume duty.

“I started to ask what the procedure is, what would I do, I thought I might actually get into the show. I wanted to do everything by the book even though I didn’t know if I was in the show or not. I spoke to as many people as I was told to. I was told to go to my commander; I explained the situation, I told him I wanted time off – three months off of work and the reason was because I might get on Big Brother.

“Work has been really great, we’ve been speaking and communicating, they asked me when I’d be coming back to work. I’m not sure when I’m going to go back yet. I want to get back as soon as possible, I’m passionate about keeping London safer.” she said

Khafi also used the opportunity to deny she had sex with Gedoni Ekpata while in the house. Both ex-housemates are currently in a relationship.

“We are still together now – I met someone in there and fell in love with him. I hope we will be together for a very long time.” she said

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