Mercy Aigbe ready to put Nigerian tailors in trouble

Mercy Aigbe ready to put Nigerian tailors in trouble

If you are a tailor in Nigeria, make sure you close your shop for the week because actress Mercy Aigbe has shown that she’s ready to put Nigerian Tailors in Trouble.

I know we were supposed to bring you an episode of this lovely fashion show on Saturday, but we were very busy at the police station bailing out some tailors whom Nkechi Blessing and Toke Makinwa sent to jail with their fashion sense.

How did they do it? Just click the link on their names above and you will find out.

Well, Mercy Aigbe has shown that with the way Nigerian celebrities are going, we might no more have tailors in Nigeria. That’s because they will all be in jail for failing to hook their clients up with the exact same style they saw on her and other celebrities.

If you are one of those who love to rush down to your tailor to hook you up with a style you saw on a celebrity, just know that your tailor will be in it for it with what Mercy Aigbe is seen rocking below.

While Nigerian tailors await to be bothered by their client’s taste for celebrity styles, we bring you gist about Mercy Aigbe.

Recently, the actress opened up about dating the immediate past governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode, whom was rumored to be behind a new house she launched.

I do not have anything to do with him but you the truth about life is that when you are doing well people don’t know your source they keep speculating they keep fabricating a lot of things because they do not know your source so, I do not have anything to do with him…where that rumour came out from I do not know but it’s fine he is a governor,” she said.

Fans were still not satisfied with her response as they blamed her for the predicament that befell Ambode who failed to secure his party’s ticket for a second term in office.

Trust Mercy Aigbe to feel unbothered about rumors that don’t pay her bills. This she did by posting lovely photos showing her rocking Owambe styles that will put Nigerian tailors in trouble very soon.

Yes, Nigerian tailors will end up in trouble when they give their clients the opposite of the celebrity fashion style they got paid to sew. The deal between the tailors and their clients might end up in a “What I ordered Vs what I got”.

Mercy Aigbe ready to put Nigerian tailors in trouble
Mercy Aigbe ready to put Nigerian tailors in trouble

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