Megan Thee Stallion declares Tory Lanez offered her money for her to keep silent

US rapper Megan Thee Stallion, has revealed more details surrounding the alleged shooting involving herself and former friend Tory Lanez.

According to the rapper, she and her now ex-best friend KelseyNicole, were offered money by Tory to remind silence about the night she was shot.

In a new interview with GQ, Megan recalling the events of what happened back in August,

speaks about her decision not to initially name Tory as the shooter due to her fears says

and has now accused Tory of offering her and Kelsey money in exchange for their silence.

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“At this point, I’m really scared,” Meg says.

“This is like right in the middle of all the protesting.

Police are just killing everybody for no reason, and I’m thinking,

‘I can’t believe you even think I want to take some money”

GQ reports that Tory’s lawyer has denied that he offered the Megan Thee Stallion and Kelsey money for their silence.

However, Tory was charged with felony assault in October for his alleged involvement in the shooting.

He was set to go before a judge in early October, and as we exclusively reported, his arraignment was pushed back to November, and he was ordered to stay away from Megan Thee Stallion.

As Tory awaits his court hearing which was set for November 18th, but has been vocal

on social media about his innocence, and seems to be getting back to living a normal life.

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