Man reveals how his dad’s driver got his job back a day after he was sacked

A man has revealed how his dad’s driver got his job back a day after he got sacked.

According to the man who shared on Twitter, the driver who got sacked came back to resume the following day with an awkwardly hilarious excuse.

He tweeted:

”Once my Dad sacked his driver.He left without apologizing.The following day he came back,took d keys & started washing d car. Dad asked him why he came back after being sacked.He said ‘Oga you sacked me yesterday becos you were angry,today is another day’ #TBT. The driver was a Ghanaian”

See reactions below.

Our old folks had drivers, cooks, security guards who integrated into the family after staying for decades. My uncle’s driver has been with the family for over 20yrs. Today’s youths can’t ride a mile in peace with an Uber driver without unbridled ego polluting the serenity. – @shaks1960

He knows too many secrets about ur dad including his side chicks so Baba sef understood the cost of starting all over again with a new Driver !!!
Win ,,,Win!!!!! – @totalfinch

Sometimes d r/ship btw a man n his driver is like tht btw a man n his longtime gf. They quarrel but come back again n again cos they r comfortable with each other, kno each other’s ways n its hard 2 develop such relationships anew. My dad’s driver has been with him for 41 yrs – @beecorf

Sir, those were days when everyone who works for our parents were adopted sons and daughters. The driver knows this and it is the reason he came back the next day. Baba was just angry with his ‘son’ yesterday and today is another day – bygone is bygone. – @OwoyemiDr

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