Man narrates how his phone got stolen at a hospital he got admitted in

Man narrates how his phone got stolen at a hospital he got admitted in

A man has narrated what the Chief Medical Doctor told him about his phone which was stolen at the hospital he to admitted in.

Delroy Nomamiukor shared on Facebook how the doctor td him that the CCTV at the hospital wasn’t working and how he called for a technician to check it out.

He shared:

“Sunday i was totally healthy and ok…
Gboom on Monday i felt really sick and was rushed to the hospital…
i was literally carried to the hospital as i had no single strength in my body to move!!!
Was discharged on Wednesday but with a stolen phone…
Someone stole my other phone over the night…

I was in a state of confusion as to how it happened…
it happened between 11:51pm on Tuesday night to 7:00am Wednesday morning when I noticed…

There was a supposed cctv in the hospital and when I reported to the so called M.D, he claimed cctv went blank those hours ??? in his stupid reasoning, he will call the technician and I should come back on Friday!!!
Smh!!! Which way ???

Anyhow for those who have been trying to reach me since and couldn’t, pls hold on… still recovering… once i have the full strength, i will go retrieve my line back… and hope for a new phone!!! It just hurts because so much memories were lost with that phone…
It’s well tho!!!
I will survive!!

By the way how are we all doing? How is our week going???
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