Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-1 [Watch Highlights]

Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-1 [Watch Highlights]

Liverpool expressed dominance in the English Premier League on Sunday as they defeated Manchester City 3-1.

The game which took place at Anfield saw Liverpool extend their lead farther from City.

Fabinho opened scoring in the 6th minute with a brilliant effort from outside the box.

Liverpool continued to impress at home and added to their lead in the 13th minute through a stunning header from Mohamed Sallah.

Not satisfied, Sadio Mane made the game 3-0 in the 51st minute as Liverpool continued to look dangerous on the attack.

A consolation goal from Bernado Silva in the 78th minute saw City send a response that looked like they still had something to pull from the game.

Watch Highlights in the video below.
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