Lewis Capaldi’s Ex Admits He’s ‘terrible with women’

Lewis Capaldi’s Ex Admits He’s ‘terrible with women’

Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi’s ex-girlfriend has admitted her former lover is “terrible with women”.

Paige Turley, who is starring on U.K. reality TV series Love Island, dated the Someone You Loved singer when the pair went to college together, and told Britain’s The Sun newspaper that relationships don’t come naturally to the hitmaker.

“He’s terrible with women,” she candidly reported. “He never had a chat-up line as such, as we went through college together. I kind of just fell into it. It was never like he tried to chat me up or such. It just kind of happened quite naturally.”

However, she insisted the pair are still on good terms, despite splitting after a year a half together.

“Me and Lewis are still very, very friendly,” Paige revealed. “You’ve seen his social media. He’s a very witty, funny guy. So he’ll probably make a total joke about it.”

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And while there had been speculation several songs from the singer-songwriter’s chart-topping album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent are about his ex, she dismissed the rumours, insisting: “He never said to me, ‘This is about you.’

“Obviously, it’s a really relatable song, for everyone,” she reflected. “He’s great, he’s so talented. Anybody listening to his music, it’d be hard to say anything negative.”

Lewis has made no secret about his relationship struggles, and even teamed up with app Tinder to try and find the perfect match. Despite offering free gig tickets to potential matches, he remains unsuccessful.

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