Ladies now use toothpaste to tighten vagina – Medical Doctor

Ladies now use toothpaste to tighten vagina – Medical Doctor

A medical doctor has cautioned ladies against the use of toothpaste to tighten their vagina.

The medical doctor identifies as Oluwole Yusuf shared on social media to warn ladies against the act because it causes inflammation and other diseases.


“Toothpaste is caustic and too abrasive for a sensitive body part like the vagina and using such on it can destroy the organisms meant to protect the vagina from possible infections.

“When the vagina can no longer protect itself, the body is prone to infections which could later destroy the tubes and block the chances of getting pregnant,’’ Yusuf said.
He added that women should not to allow themselves to be “body shamed’’ by their partners thereby, leading them to “a journey of ruin and regret’’

“If a man tells you that you are too loose down there and you want to ruin your future because of that, he will eventually leave you for another.

“Be confident in yourself and allow your body to be the way it is. “There are different healthy exercises or practices that can be done that will slowly tighten the vagina without posing a threat to the woman.

“Kegel exercises and Yoga exercise are part of the exercises that can make the vagina tight without engaging in harmful practices,’’ Yusuf said.

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