You are probably interested in so many things. You have not made up your mind about what you want to do in life and to give your best to that one thing.

Napoleon Hill said that definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. I once heard Dr David Oyedepo say: “Focus is the taproot of fortune, the core secret of all front liners”.

How true this is, the world makes a way for the man who knows where he is going. Ewen Chia, millionaire internet marketer spent 5 years trying to succeed online all to no avail. It was when he discovered that his problem was lack of focus that the tide began to turn. This guy who toiled for 5 years without any tangible result generated more than 1 million dollars on the internet within 3 days and rose to become a sought after internet marketing tutor worldwide.

Gillette wanted to give the world a good shave and created an industry worth millions of dollars; Edwin C. Barnes wanted to be the business associate of Thomas Alva Edison and kept his focus on exactly that and made it happen. He made so much money that he retired in active business while still a young man. S.B Fuller was from a very poor home but kept his mind on becoming wealthy and made it happen in the end, even though it took him years. Bill Gates’ mind was in making the computer more useful and available to the average person and rose to become the richest man in the world for ten consecutive years. Henry Ford loved automobiles and dreamt of a way to mass produce more of it faster while keeping the price down. You know his story.

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If we are to trace the life story or history of so many outstanding men and women you will find out that the power of focus played a vital role in translating these people’s wishes and dreams into reality. It was focus that made Joseph to out rightly refuse the advances of Potiphar’s wife which would have been immediate gratification but will eventually rob him of his dream forever. He actually believed in a future which was far better than what was presented to him by his master’s wife. So many years passed by before he had an encounter with his real crown but he had to patiently wait for it. Even when he was confronted with death and imprisonment he remained undaunted. It takes a man of Focus to do that.

Or what on earth could have made a man remain in prison for 25 years in search of what he was uncertain about. Nelson Mandela defiled the mighty powers of their colonial masters and dared to bring independence to the people of South Africa by remaining focused despite all odds.

I’ve actually watched and witnessed the miseries of people without focus. People who have no clear cut idea about the future or dream they want to build and uphold. I tell you it is no life at all, they are truly miserable.
There are people who are interested in anything that will bring money. They actually have a job they don’t love and are complaining bitterly every day about it; they are hunting for another job desperately; they are contractors; they are also interested in importation business which they have not started; they also want to go back to school; are interested in politics; their next door neighbor is into palm oil business and is doing well and they are making inquiries about starting a palm oil business because it seems that’s where the money is now; they are considering going into baking business because it seems lucrative; they are also interested in real estate business and are doing it small time; they would love to go into 419 business or obtaining by tricks if only they can see someone who would teach them; they would also like to travel abroad soonest because it seems they will find their fortune else where since nothing seems to be working in Nigeria.

This person has failed to be serious about anything he started. He is not a finisher. Does not have faith in anything, cannot wait for any dream to mature. Consequently, success has eluded him and he blames every one but himself for failing to achieve success. They are jacks of all trades but master of non. If you find yourself in this category now is the time to make a u-turn. You can actually begin to recover all the years you wasted chasing shadows by beginning again. It is time to refocus your energy.

Dare to focus!

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