Kanye West Reveals How Much He Spent On His Sunday Service

Kanye West Reveals How Much He Spent On His Sunday Service

Kanye West spared no expense in putting together his Sunday Service.

The rapper recently sat down with Nick Cannon for a segment on Nick’s podcast, “Cannon’s Class”

During the chat, Kanye boasted he’s richer than Donald Trump.

He said he spent as much as $50 Million on his Sunday Service in 2019.

We spent the money on choir uniforms, flights, operas, and all the other operating expenses that went with it.

Sunday Service travelled around the country last year, with stops at Coachella,

Skid Row in Los Angeles, Houston, Howard University in D.C., the family home in Calabasas, his ranch in Wyoming,

The Forum in Inglewood, Louisiana, Chicago, Ohio, Joel Olsteen’s Lakewood Church and Jamaica.

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There were also construction costs. For the Sunday Service on Easter at Coachella, bulldozers moved tons of earth to make a huge hill for the performance.

Kanye says they took the cash out of funds set aside for marketing his Yeezy shoes.

He said the shoes sell themselves, meaning he didn’t need to spend all the marketing budget on the shoes, so he used it to put on Sunday Service.

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