Kanayo becomes a lawyer after passing law school

Kanayo becomes a lawyer after passing law school

At age 58, veteran Nigerian actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has shown to his fans that everything is possible once a person is filled with devotion and a zealous passion to achieve his/her desires.

The celebrated movie star became a fully-fledged lawyer, who will be joining the justice system, after passing his law school examinations.

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Kanayo went on his Instagram page to notify his fans of his latest achievement.

The Nollywood star simply shared a screenshot of a report noting that he had passed his law school exams.

“Thank you for your prayers and support.

Congratulating me without knowing what and why.

It’s called friendship, trust. It’s called confidence.

We keep it low and conservative till after the call,” he wrote in the caption.

Furthermore, giving fans a better grasp of Kanayo’s latest achievement,

a friend of the actor on Facebook identified as Chris Kehinde Nwandu said:

“Join me in congratulating my brother and bosom friend, veteran actor KOK

who just passed his law school exams to qualify as a full-fledged barrister at law.”

Moreover, check his post below;

Below are some congratulatory messages he received:

Nollywood star Kanayo O. Kanayo becomes a lawyer after passing law school exams

Prettywinnie22 said: “Big congratulations sir you deserve it.”

Veronicaobum said: “Congratulations.”

Kleitoschichet said: “Congratulations sir! God’s grace.”

Wytengodson said: “Congratulations once more senior brother.”

Isaacbobangel said: “Congrats sir more to come.”

Mirembezainab4 said: “Congratulations legend.”

Mariahouze said: “Wow! If you’ve been to a Nigeria Law School, you will know it’s no joke!”

Nkeoma08 said: “Congrats again sir! My dad also graduated from university last year at 67! So yes I can totally relate to this joyful news.”

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