Jaraa Will Help Small Businesses Grow Faster in Nigeria – Barry Okojie

Barry Okojie, tech entrepreneur, international business man, family man and Founder, Jaraa, a fast growing e-commerce platform in Nigeria, speaks about Jaraa, his career and the future of tech in Nigeria.

Let’s start with knowing you. Who is Barry Okojie?

Well, Barry Okojie is me, I can tell you that for free. Barry was born on the first of January, 1987, somewhere in Lagos, South West, Nigeria.

I’m from Esan Central LGA in Edo State and I grew up in Benin City where I had all of my childhood. Of course, that meant I had all of my early education in Benin. I graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Accounting from Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma at the age of 20. Not too long after that, I got admission to study sociology at York University Toronto, in Canada.

While in Canada, I also went ahead to attain a Diploma with Honors in Graphic Design from CDI College Of Technology Mississauga in Ontario.

Presently, I am a professional graphic designer. I am also a family man, married with one daughter, and currently residing in Abuja Nigeria.

Let’s talk about your career journey. How would you describe it, and how has it made you into the person you are today?

Truth be told, my background has always been business. However, I worked with Willing Plus Personal for about two years in Toronto while still studying in the university. Upon graduating however, I started a shipping line called Kojfield Logistic LTD. We are a company that exports cars and Heavy equipment from Toronto to Nigeria and pretty much the entirety of West Africa. I still own and operate this business till date.

So, I would say growing up to see a lot of businesses happening around me, instilled in me the drive and passion for starting and growing businesses to stability and profitability. I love that process of starting something from nothing, building value and spreading it to multiply. That is the fascinating satisfaction that running a business successfully brings. It has its tough days when you have to grow a spine of steel, clean your eyes and trudge on. However, that potential for value growth and value distribution, has remained my natural driving force as we keep exploring the very many ways we can bring more value to society us through products and services that make life easier to live, navigate and enjoy. Because ultimately, if we’re not living and working to make society better, what’s the point, right? So yes, business had made me this way.

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