It’s time to sit back, see if govt will fulfill its promise, Gbajabiamila tells EndSARS protesters

It’s time to sit back, see if govt will fulfill its promise, Gbajabiamila tells EndSARS protesters

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has said it was time EndSARS protesters to sit back and see if the government would fulfill its promise to reform the police.

According to him, the  EndSARS protests , going on in many parts of the country since last week, exposed the “stinking underbelly of our nation’s policing system.”

Gbajabiamila spoke on Thursday during the inauguration of the National Assembly’s Special Committee on Constitution Review.

“In addition to whatever other changes that may be caused by these protests, they have exposed the stinking underbelly of our nation’s policing system.

“We now understand better why our federal police is often unable to effectively respond to the localised manifestations of insecurity across the different parts of our country.

“The simple truth is that we have a police that doesn’t have the trust of the people/a policing system that doesn’t make for productive partnerships between the police/ the communities they serve. However, for those of us who are out there, we must be careful not to lose the plot

“The Inspector-General of Police has heard you and he has spoken. The House has spoken, even before now, and continues to speak. The President has been unequivocal and spoke clearly. It is now time to sit back and see what happens.

“I believe the Hand of God is on this Nation. The point has been made, and the Government in all its layers has responded. Let us sit back and see if the Government does what it has committed to do. Which I have all assurances/as your Speaker I pass these assurances on to you,” the speaker said.

Earlier in his speech, Gbajabiamila tasked the Constitution Review Panel to listen to as many voices as possible in the course of its work.

He told the committee headed by the deputy speaker, Ahmed Wase to ensure the panel considered the expectations of different interest groups among Nigerians.

Gbajabiamila said, “Mr Chairman, Honourable Members of this Committee, I do not envy the enormous amount of work you have in front of you. However, I know you have an abundant capacity to execute this important assignment and deliver on our joint commitments to the Nigerian people.

“I encourage you during this assignment to seek out and listen to as many voices as possible. Engage with as many interest groups as possible, reject misinformation, document the stories of our people, consider their expectations.

”The House is commencing the constitutional review process at a time of great and ongoing upheaval in our country.

“This 9th @HouseNGR has since committed to the cause of reform. Our commitment must not wane on the matter of thoughtful & fair overhaul of our constitution.

“Electoral reforms  are not a party-political issue, they are a matter of loyalty to an ideal that is greater than the party to which one belongs to, or the personal ambitions we may each hold.”

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