It’s scary how North pays attention to religion and sex but not insecurity – Lady

A lady identified on Twitter as Zain Ameen has questioned why the Northern region of Nigeria show concern on issues bordering on religion, sex and marriage but ignore the insecurity bedeviling it.

Sharing a series of tweets, Zain Ameen wrote:

”It’s scary how the North is blessed with 1st class insecurity, high maternal mortality, out of school children, Street beggars, VVF patients, multi dimensional poverty etc but the only thing that catches d ATTN of majority is Religion, Sex & Marriage What’s wrong with the North?

”Even when there was attacks in Zamfara, Katsina, Kd at the same time there was no response from most Northerners & those of us who added our voice didn’t get any support through engagement but if it was about religion, sex or marriage they will relocate to our TL for weeks.

”I find it very disturbing that people don’t care about demanding to get what is rightfully theirs by simply coming together to demand for it repeatedly for weeks rather their concern is only to want to force their religious narratives on others, child marriage & sex.

”How many years ve the North taken this position that the younger generation followed & can’t they all see that that is why every underdevelopment issues is more dominant in the North than the South. Does the North keep repeating ppl of same IQ over & over again without upgrade?

”I grew up hearing how proud we re of our poverty in the North, that we will never take to crime bcos of it now how do we explain banditry, kidnappings & general insecurity in the North if we can’t see that glorifying poverty got us here We see death but we dismiss it as slumber!

”The older generation can be forgiven bcos they lived a peaceful life growing up into their old age but we don’t even ve the luxury they had so the time is upon us to come to terms with our reality & demand for good governance as being general overseers of religion isn’t working.

”U can’t force ur religious narratives on any1 anymore, it’s a free world & there’s no going back to that period so instead of stocking urself in the past while u suffer in reality as a result of bad governance; demand 4 funding of public sch, health care policies 4 the poor.

”Infrastructure, jobs, security etc this re things u ve direct control over & 2 weeks of repeated demands will get the government act on at least 1 Northern youths can’t afford to go through life without taking into consideration the dynamics of the world;you can’t live in d past”.

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