Iran warns Trump over dangerous actions after Iraq airstrikes

Iran warns Trump over dangerous actions after Iraq airstrikes

Iran on Friday warned US President Donald Trump against taking “dangerous actions” after American forces launched airstrikes that they said targeted a pro-Iranian armed group in neighboring Iraq.

Iraq military says on Friday that US strikes killed five troops and one civilian.

“The United States cannot blame others… for the consequences of its illegal presence in Iraq and the nation’s reaction to the assassination and killing of Iraqi commanders and fighters,” foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said.

“Instead of dangerous actions and baseless accusations, Mr Trump should reconsider the presence and behavior of his troops in the area,” he added.

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The statement was issued hours after the Pentagon said the US had launched strikes against the Kataeb Hezbollah armed faction.

The United States said the strikes targeted five weapons facilities across Iraq.

It said they were carried out in response to the killing on Wednesday of two Americans and a Briton in a rocket attack on Taji airbase.

Wednesday’s attack was the 22nd on US installations in Iraq, including the American embassy, since late October.

While there was no immediate claim of responsibility, Washington has blamed what it says are Iran-backed factions from the Hashed al-Shaabi network, a state-sponsored umbrella group that includes Kataeb Hezbollah, for recent similar violence.

Iran has always denied it backs Iraqi militias.


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