Iran implements stricter restrictions as covid-19 cases mount

Iran implements stricter restrictions as covid-19 cases mount

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has imposed stricter measures in and around the country’s capital of Tehran to curb the rising COVID-19 cases with most of its 32 provinces currently classified as red.

While announcing the strict measures on Saturday, the president said that the new restrictions and potential penalties are being considered for government agencies, private businesses and citizens.

“The first thing is, when someone feels or finds out that they are sick, they must not hide their sickness,”  Rouhani   said on Saturday while headlining a live televised weekly national coronavirus task force in Tehran.

“So if someone hides their illness, they are in violation [of the rules],” he said, adding that this will carry a severe penalty, the extent of which will be finalised in a meeting next week.

Meanwhile, the Africa Centre for Disease Control (Africa CDC) said on Saturday the total number of confirmed COVID-19 positive cases on the continent had reached 1,497, 391.

The  agency said   in a statement that the death toll from the virus had also increased to 36,504.

It added that the number of people who had recovered from the infectious virus across the continent had reached 1,236,859.

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