Insecurity: 14 Nigerians killed every day in 2021 — Reports

This may sound like a figure from a war-torn zone, five thousand and sixty-seven — 5,067 — Nigerians were reported to have been killed in 2021 owing to insecurity, according to the data sourced and analysed by TheCable Index, the data and research arm of TheCable.

TheCable Index analysed and reviewed daily media reports published in 2021 as well as data sourced from the Council on Foreign Relations.

TheCable Index discovered that an average of 14 Nigerians died daily in various violent attacks reported in the news media from January to December, 2021.

In the data analysed for this report, 1,024 violent attacks were reported to have taken place across the country, which have been compiled here by TheCable Index.

During the process of data extraction, TheCable Index excluded the killings carried out by security operatives and the death of suspected criminals like Boko Haram insurgents, bandits and gunmen.


  • There were 1,024 reported violent attacks in the country in 2021.
  • Killings were reported in all the months of 2021; May had the highest reported deaths with 684 while October had the least with 290.
  • South-west was the safest zone while the north-west and north-central were the most attacked.
  • South-east witnessed a sharp rise in violent attacks with 567 deaths from reported attacks.
  • Kaduna had the highest number of reported attacks with 146.
  • Zamfara had the highest death toll — 703
  • Kano had five reported deaths from three incidents — the least among the states.
  • Boko Haram insurgents, bandits, robbers, kidnappers, cultists, and gunmen were the non-state actors who killed Nigerians the most in 2021.


TheCable found out that Kano recorded the least number of reported deaths in the country with five deaths from three attacks.

Kano was closely followed by Jigawa with seven deaths, Abuja, the country’s capital, had 10 and Bauchi 15.Advertisement

Zamfara had the highest number of reported deaths with 703 deaths, followed by Kaduna with 652 and Benue with 460.

In 2021, Zamfara and Kaduna witnessed a surge in the activities of bandits, which led to a high frequency of attacks in the two states.

TheCable observed that Zamfara, Kaduna, Benue and Niger accounted for 42 percent of the reported deaths in 2021.

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