Infected UK returnee has been living with our staff since Saturday – Bird view communications President

Infected UK returnee has been living with our staff since Saturday – Bird view communications President

Ayo Alana Idowu, Bird View Communications President, made a disclosure about the UK returnee who tested positive.

According to him, the infected person has been living with one of their staffs since when she back till yesterday when the result came out

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Futhermore, he announced the business operations suspension at their Ikeja branch for 15 days.

He revealed that he took the decision to keep their staff safe and fight the spread of Coronavirus

He wrote on Instagram;

Today, I made a painful, but necessary, decision to suspend operations at our business head quarter in Ikeja for the next 15 days,

and subject about 15 employees in the building to Coronavirus test and subsequent government quarantine or self-quarantine.

This after a staff exposed to a family member that returned from U.K. on Saturday and tested positive to

Coronavirus in the early hours of today. The person that tested positive had lived in the same house with our staff member between Saturday and early hours of today. .

Nigerian government reportedly traced the person to the Ogba address in the early hours of today,

conducted the test and found out that the person was positive.

Our immediate response to the situation not to discriminate against the staff that exposed,

but to join hands to support the spread of the global pandemic situation.

We are providing all possible supports to keep our people safe and fight COVID-19 together. .

In the meantime, our business will mostly be remote, while our Lekki office will still welcome physical consultations.

However, we will be putting up a notice that will advise a set of people, especially those who recently traveled in

the last 14 days, to stay away from physical meetings and rather engage remotely or simply visit again after 14 days. .

For me and my family, we just started a much-deserved one-month family vacation in Canada,

but are already contemplating either cutting our trip short or staying much longer than planned.

The truth is that both options come with their own risks and we have to do thorough assessment of the situation to determine which one has less exposure for us.

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously and are doing everything possible to join hands to stop the spread. We also urge you to take it more seriously than you have ever imagined. .

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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