‘I’m a product of divorce’ – Actress Sonia Uche reveals

‘I’m a product of divorce’ – Actress Sonia Uche reveals

Fast-rising actress, Iluoma Sonia Uche has admitted to having unpleasant childhood because of her parents’ divorce, but this has not taken away her passion for acting.

The movie star who ventured into Nollywood few years ago and recently secured a lead actress in My Boss’ Daughter has not looked back.

In an interview with The Sun, the actress shared her thoughts on marriage and divorce, especially as celebrities’ marriages keep breaking up.

Sonia Uche said:

” I am a child of divorce, so what I’ll say about divorce is this: If partners realize that they are not compatible with each other, separation should be perfectly fine (for them).

In my opinion, I think divorce is the way if things are getting out of hand. It’s better to be separated than kill each other, either physically or mentally.”

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On how she would safeguard her marriage when she eventually marries, she says,

“Without God, you’re in vain trying to safeguard anything.

On my part, I’ll try to be understanding and forgiving, then put everything in the hands of God by making him the head of my home.

He’s the only one that can safeguard the marriage; no matter how hard we try.”

The pretty script interpreter reveals the craziest thing a fan did to her,

“I don’t think a male fan has done anything crazy to me. But some time ago in Abuja, I went somewhere to eat Amala and a female fan saw me and started touching my face.

I couldn’t tell her to stop even when I didn’t like what she was doing, because I knew it was exciting for her.”

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