Igbos don’t deserve 2023 presidency, they’ll get VP slot – Idahosa

Igbos don’t deserve 2023 presidency, they’ll get VP slot – Idahosa

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Charles Idahosa has stated that the Igbos do not deserve the 2023 presidency because there is no presence of his party in the Southeast region.

Idahosa disclosed this while speaking with Daily Independent. According to him, the Igbos are to blame for ignoring President Buhari’s advice to ensure there is a presence of the APC in their region to brighten their chances ahead of the 2023 elections.

Idahosa, however, stated that the Igbos will get the vice president slot in 2023.

“Forget the Igbos! They have shot themselves in the leg. It is a very funny demand. Why will anyone want to give Igbos presidency when there is no APC in the zone at all? The only party that could have given Igbo presidency is the APC”, he said.

“Buhari told them but they decided to vote PDP. Now, from all indications, they will rather support Atiku for the presidency again because the Vice- President position will still go the South-East.

“I see Atiku running again because the 2019 presidential election is the nearest Atiku has come. So, I don’t think the Igbos deserve presidency because if they do, they ought to have planned properly. The late Emeka Ojukwu gave them APGA but they threw it away. So, under which party will they get presidency?” he asked.

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