If you hate me, go and hit your head on a wall – Prophet Chukwuemeka

Prophet Chukwuemeka has issued a word of advice for those who hate him.

The Clergyman who recently visited Indonesia advised his haters to hit their head on the wall if they can’t stand him.

He shared on Facebook:

“My Visit to #indonesia is a blessing to #thelionsfamily. Haters must talk for you to excel, they can go far to get old videos and videos from another country to make sure they pull you down but ”ha amaro ka anyi si kwado”. If you hate me…just look for a wall close to you and heat your head because I don’t have time for you. Remain blessed all the #lionsfamily”.

Prophet Chukwuemeka’s visit to Indonesia led to the arrest and deportation of about 80 Nigerians.

This was after they engaged in money spraying during his church service in the country which is his custom.

This provoked authority who rounded the men up and deported those of them who are illegal immigrant.

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