I was sad when I missed a role in Coming To America – Weslie Snipes

I was sad when I missed a role in Coming To America – Weslie Snipes

Weslie Snipes has revealed how sad he was when he missed a role in Coming To America which was played by Eriq La Salle.

The movie which was released in 1988 would have had Weslie Snipes play Darryl Jenks the loverboy who dated the lady who later fell in love with Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy.

Snipes said during a roundtable of him and his co-stars,

“I remember auditioning for ‘Coming To America,’ and I remember being so sad… I really wanted to be in the movie. I wanted to work with them. I was really contemplating what my purpose in life was after losing that to Eriq La Salle.”

Eddie Murphy explained why Snipes failed to land the role.

“Our look was too close to… You actually look more African than me…It had to do with types.”

Snipes joked that he would’ve loved to know that back then.

“That would’ve healed me. I was in the bathroom ‘Why am I even doing this man? I’m not gon’ quit. They not gon’ break me down man, they not gon’ break me down.’”

Murphy said everything has now come “full circle” as Snipes has signed on for the sequel.

“Now he’s playing the General Izzi, the villain… crushing it. Eriq is too light-skinned to play that.”

Murphy announced the news of a sequel earlier this year.

“After many years of anticipation, I’m thrilled that Coming to America 2 is officially moving forward. We’ve assembled a great team that will be led by Craig Brewer, who just did an amazing job on Dolemite, and I’m looking forward to bringing all these classic and beloved characters back to the big screen.” The Jasmine Brand contributed to this.

Davido working on Coming To America 2 at Tyler Perry Studios?

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