I Prefer To Be Single Than To Be In A Relationship – Maraji Spills

I Prefer To Be Single Than To Be In A Relationship – Maraji Spills

Popular Instagram comedian and content creator, Gloria Oloruntobi, better known as Maraji, has revealed that she is better single than in a relationship.

Maraji opened up about her broken relationship, which made her cry out on social media.

The 23-year-old Edo State-born entertainer, who spoke during an Instagram Live session with her fans,

noted that she was shocked by how well she was doing after the incident.

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She said

, “I am actually doing way better than I expected because I am an emotional wreck. I love to cry and I’m spoilt. So, I am actually shocked at how well I’m doing. It happened on August 12 and it has just been over a month. I am so fine. I feel like I am even better off being single than when I was in a relationship.

The relationship was extremely stressful. When one is with the wrong person, one would know. But we girls, even if we know the boy is not good for us, we would still want to hold on to the nonsense. You know it and nobody needs to tell you, but you would deceive yourself that all men are not perfect. However, you saw the red flags, but you allowed love to blind yourself.”

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