“I cannot open my church while people’s lives are still in danger”, Tunde Bakare says

“I cannot open my church while people’s lives are still in danger”, Tunde Bakare says

Pastor Tunde Bakare, the general Overseer of Citadel Global Community Church, formerly known as Latter Rain Assembly, has come out to say that his church will not open despite the ban lifted by government on worship centres.

Recall that on Thursady, the Lagos State Government announced that religious activities would resume by June 19th after two months of lockdown due to coronavirus.

Tunde Bakare, however advised members to wait till the calamity brought by the coronavirus pandemic is over before the church can be opened.

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While delivering a sermon on Sunday, June 7, Tunde Bakare said,

“I’m so sorry for our country at this juncture. I’m so sorry that we are pressurizing the government to open churches and to open Mosques”.

“You want calamity upon calamity. The church has not been closed; nobody can close the church.

“Yes, it is true that buildings are closed but the church is marching on. No one can close the church. Government can shut down the buildings; they cannot force us to go back because I’m not going to endanger the lives of our people.

“Noah did not jump out of the ark. He sent the raven first to test the ground. The raven never returned. He sent the duck twice. On the third occasion, it did not return. He knew it was safe to go out but he still stayed there until God said, Noah, come out.

“He locked him in and He brought him out. Let’s be patient. And they now want to start carrying people to their gravesides and be praying for their families. Let’s stay within until that time when the calamity is over” He added.

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