How to be Comfortable in High Heel Shoes

Women feel powerful, beautiful and more in tune with their sexuality when they wear heels. According to Marilyn Monroe “Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world”. While we feel sexy strutting in high heels, most of us can’t stand the pain, pinching and discomfort. At events and parties, most Nigerian women have a pair of flat slippers or sandals in their hand bags or cars, so they can take off their heels later. If your job requires wearing heels constantly or you are just a lover of high heeled shoes, try out these tips to feel more comfortable.


It is very important to get the right fit when purchasing a new pair of heels. Most of the time, when we talk about finding the right fit, the first thing that comes to the minds of most ladies is to avoid getting a size smaller, because the shoes will be tight, painful and very uncomfortable. However, a lot of people don’t realize that getting a bigger size is equally as uncomfortable and painful as a smaller fit. Apart from the discomfort, you will have to grip the insoles of your toes to avoid the embarrassment of your feet sticking or coming out of your shoes. Continued and prolonged tension on the toes can cause toe deformity.

Buying heels that do not fit properly can cause foot issues. While smaller fits can course painful blisters, bigger fits can make you prone to falling and having injuries. Getting your perfect fit will make you smarter, more confident and sexy. Finding the right fit comprises knowing your fit measurement, including the length and width; because while the length may fit, the width may not, as shoes come in wide and narrow fits.  


Crop woman cutting toenails

An act as easy as cutting your toes nail, can go a long way in making your high heeled shoes feel comfortable. Long toe nails continuously jammed up against the front of a shoe can cause great discomfort. When you cut your toes and tape them together, you put less pressure and experience fewer painful sensations.


We are looking for comfort right. There are various kinds of heels and their level of comfort or discomfort ranges from type to inches. Shoes with heels an inch or two less in height are less likely to hurt because they are more comfortable and cause less strain. Wedges and platform heels are more comfortable heel choices, because they make you put your weight down across your foot and also cause less strain. You will also find these heels more comfortable since they allow you walk better.


The way you walk in heels; isn’t the same way you walk in ballet flats or sneakers. You will need to engage your core and keep your back straight. When you purchase a new pair of shoes, practice walking around your home and focus on good posture.

While high heels can make a woman feel more beautiful and confident, it is also advisable to rest your feet. Massaging and having foot rubs and soaks will ease the pain or pressure wearing heels cause. Also, mix up your foot wear collection with flats and sneakers and avoid wearing heels every day.

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