How I lied to help my son sell records – Drake’s father

How I lied to help my son sell records – Drake’s father

Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, has opened up on how he lied about having a bad relationship with his son to help him sell records.

According to him, he and Drake spoke everyday during the period they made people believe they were not in good terms.

“I had a conversation with Drake about that. I have always been with Drake. I talk to him if not every day, every other day. We really got into a deep conversation about that. I said, ‘Drake, why are you saying all of this different stuff about me man? This is not cool.’ He [goes], ‘Dad, it sells records.’ I said ‘Okay, well cool. Talk about me!’”

Drake’s father had this to say about his son’s success in the industry:

“It’s amazing. Drake and I made a bet when he was five or seven-years-old… I started out as an actor in Hollywood in 1977. I did detective stories in Toronto. And he said, ‘Dad, I’m gonna do more movies than you ever did. I’m gonna do more music than you ever did.’ So I said, ‘Okay let’s make a bet. I’ll bet you five dollars you won’t do it. You can’t top me and what I’ve done.’ In 2009, I paid him. That’s when Young Money signed him. I had to give it to him, he won, trust me.”

He added:

“A lot of people don’t know… I exposed him to every aspect of life. I never hid anything from him, I never kept anything from him… I showed him that side of life. He’s always been around music, my family is all about music. My uncle Willie Mitchell discovered Al Green… I took Drake with me and I used to let him shake tambourines with me on stage… That instills something in a child.”

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How I lied to help my son sell records - Drake's father
How I lied to help my son sell records – Drake’s father

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