How COVID-19 reveals the kind of politicians we have

How COVID-19 reveals the kind of politicians we have

One thing for sure, COVID-19 has revealed the kind of politicians we have. COVID-19 popularly known as Corona Virus has exposed a whole lot of things one would hardly have noticed.

At first the beginning of this dreaded disease COVID-19 in China did not wake up any other country or countries to issue red alert just in case. Just as it slowly creeps into several countries and eventually hitting almost all the countries on earth.

Popular countries like Italy, USA, France, Spain and the UK have been the countries with high rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases and death.

This disease came with the mind of bringing almost everything to a halt and apparently the world just realized how digitalization is important. Businesses where they can work from home have not been rendered to a halt.

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Various countries have carried out several forms of helping it’s citizens during the compulsory stay-at-home period which aid in curbing the spread of this dreaded disease.

In Nigeria, notable individuals and companies have decided to help the country by donating huge sum of money to aid the government in combatting COVID-19 pandemic.

The video shows what is obtainable in the western world and what is obtainable in Nigeria.

I bet if this pandemic was a political squabble, different politicians would churned out chunks of cash to get a truck or trailer filled with bags of rice to share to electorates. Even if in Nigeria very few politicians have donated some amount of money.

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It is a pity that the electorates who decides the fate of this politicians do not know their capabilities. The power wielded by these voters is the ultimate and they just do no know it.

Politicians in Nigeria are still yet to turn out food items the way they do during elections.

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There is someone in the South South they do call “The Rice Man”. This man turns out tons of rice during electoral period to show he is man for the people. I have been waiting for him to repeat the same, nothing yet still.

It is only safe to say that these politicians care about you when it is time to vote them into a political position.

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