How an immigration officer beat up a tricycle rider in Lagos – Lady

How an immigration officer beat up a tricycle rider in Lagos – Lady

A lawyer and activist has narrated how a tricycle rider was manhandled by an immigration officer for no reason.

According to the lady identified on Twitter as Moe, the ugly incident occurred at passport office in Ikoyi, Lagos.

She tweeted:

“What is this madness? Just passed by the Passport office in Ikoyi and there was an immigration officer beating up a tricycle driver. I stopped to ask for the guy did and he said it was because he didn’t obey him. Then he goes on to say “na because I no carry riffle” wtf?

We need to stop this madness. I asked the man how much he makes in a day and just gave him double that. Not because I am a nice person but because it was just grave injustice keeping him there all day when he could be working.

Why are we harassing people just trying to make an honest living?! This country exhausts me really.

What I did today is nothing compared to the level of harassment our people face on the daily. What if I didn’t pass when I did? The driver would have probably been beaten up to a pulp for nothing. Nigeria exhausts me.

If you see anyone being harassed by men in uniform please intervene if you can. We aren’t in the military era. Civilians shouldn’t be harassed by people who are being paid by our money. Haba

I have the officer’s name and I will draft a complaint to the National Immigration Service. Now, Nothing might happen but at least it will be on record that one person complained. Nigeria is ours and we all have to take responsibility.

The driver even lost his phone in the process as the phone was left in his parked Keke. But something interesting happened. I asked him how much his phone was and he said “I don’t even know. It was my wife who gave it to me”. I gave him money to buy another one.

How can you just be slapping and beating up someone? If he committed an offence, please arrest and charge him. Beating up people in public is dehumanising. We all need to rise and say no to this barbaric behavior. Shalom.

Full disclosure. To ensure the man was released, I didn’t go all guns blazing. I was mad but had to pretend and be patronising to the officers. “Oga, this man is a waste of your time na. Leave am Abeg. You bi chairman na. Just leave am” “Make we go chop pepper soup”

Of course the officers saw it as an opportunity to make lewd and inappropriate comments towards me. “Aunty you fine o” “you don marry?” “You fit marry this one” I dropped my feminist agenda & went with the flow because my only goal was to ensure he was released”.

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