How A Professor In Kwara Colluded With A Coronavirus Patient ( Full Details)

How A Professor In Kwara Colluded With A Coronavirus Patient ( Full Details)

A professor of medicine colluded with a UK returnee in ilorin to mislead health workers and put them at risk.

That patient died mysteriously.

A patient came back from UK and went to ilorin on the advice of his friend the professor.

The professor knew he was high risk but never raised any alarm until things got out of hand and the man went to Emergency Room at UITH.

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Now as a professor of medicine, he was able to pull strings and get this man seen very quickly by many doctors and nurses on duty.

He misled all these innocent health workers that his friend had “food poisoning” while his friend was in terminal stages with Coronavirus symptoms.

In a few hours after admission, the man died. Again, this evil professor colluded with the family to ensure the man’s corpse was quickly moved out of the hospital and buried.

Despite the suspicions of Coronavirus by the health workers, this monster did not let them test the man.

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When this whole things became an embarrassment to the hospital and people started raising alarm, the hospital decided to do some tests on the man’s wife as a precaution since the man was already buried.

Her results are back today.
The wife of the man is positive for Coronavirus.

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Furthermore, this woman has NOT been in contact with anyone else apart from her dead husband. Infact she first had a headache a few days before then and they both went to the hospital.

However, this was before the man himself seriously deteriorated and they ended up in UITH A/E.

Here is a professor of medicine who deliberately threw health workers under the bus on the platter of friendship.

He has put innocent men and women at risk of a dangerous killer virus out of loyalty to a friend.

This is unethical. This is unprofessional.
And this is shameful.

Hence, Professor Salami has been suspended by University Of ilorin Teaching Hospital.

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