Graphic designer drags Ramsey Nouah on social media

Graphic designer drags Ramsey Nouah on social media

A female Nigerian Twitter user identified Louisajlo who is also a graphic designer has called out popular Nigerian actor, Ramsey Nouah for not paying her on logo designs she did for a movie.

The lady @Louisajlo claims she tried contacting Ramsey Nouah after she saw her work on Living in Bondage: Breaking Free movie but no replies.

The lady is asking for acknowledgement and compensation on the movie.

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She shared;

“Dear Twitter, I said I will make a thread. So I will.

In 2018, I was contacted to work as a graphic designer for the ‘Living in Bondage’ movie.

I was very excited as I had never been on a big project like that before hence I knew nothing and did nothing related to paperwork.

“I just accepted the job and started working straight away.

The only thing I remember requesting was a down payment.

But the then media director pleaded that the budget was yet to be approved but I shouldn’t worry.

As soon as it is. He will give me some funds for my charge.

“I agreed and continued working. I had a full-time job so I would from work go to the hotel where the crew members were lodging to work.
There I saw Ramsey Nouah who was the director of the film. I was given a long list of things I’d need to design but there was no brief.

“I started designing the majority of the graphics from scratch using only my initiative.

They wanted a cult symbol, company logos, a blog page design, an Instagram page for Nnamdi,

a photoshop of him in Nysc uniform, custom license plates, and a lot of other stuff.

“I started with the cult symbol and the pictures below show the progression.

This is because, as there was no brief, they kept making changes constantly, kept saying what they didn’t like, etc.

Most of these feedbacks were from Ramsey and the producer Chris Odeh

Graphic designer drags Ramsey Nouah on social media

“They eventually showed likeness for the 4th design.

I really felt good. Cos it felt like I was making huge progress.

I continued working on their requests, having sleepless nights and when it came to money,

I’d be told they’re still having meetings concerning that. I continued

“Then it came down to designing the company logos for the movie and after I sent in my designs, I was told they weren’t good enough.

I accepted and kept working until the media director came to me with the shocking news that I shouldn’t work on the company logos again

“And that the powers above (the superior crew) had Contacted someone from Abuja to do them.

I was sad but I accepted.

So I asked him what about the rest, he said, of course, I can continue with the rest. I said okay.

In addition to this up and down the system,

“There were times I would not receive feedback on designs I had sent for up to 3 days.

It kept delaying my work and when I’d ask the media director he’d even show me text chat on how he has sent them to Ramsey Nouah

and he’s yet to respond. Out of positivity, I felt maybe he’s busy

“I don’t even want to talk about the fact that they moved us from that hotel to another with cramped up room space and deadbeat facilities..

But we managed somehow.

At this stage, I had still not been paid, not even the down Payment I asked for.

But I was given food and airtime

“Things took a wrong turn when I was rushing from work so I could go complete my designs then I receive a call from the media director saying he was fired.
I was like what?! What happened? He explained to me that the crew said they weren’t pleased with the quality of work

“That he was bringing and how he handled his part of the production process.

I was sure of the facts cos I know the media director’s sister who confirmed to me that he was fired.

I said okay, what about my work and designs and even my payment. He said he wasn’t paid

“And as for my designs, that they neglected them.

Saying they didn’t even like them and they won’t be used.

I kept dragging him my money for months to be very honest but there was little or nothing he could do

and I later realized and gave up.

All he said was he is really sorry

“And that he truly understands how I feel and even promised to compensate me when he gets any money.

Because of my kind of person, I was very fine with that.

After all, working on such a big project was really worth it.

But this is where it gets really painful.

“Almost 2 years after Living in Bondage (Breaking Free is out and guess what, they used my designs in the movie.

My blood and sweat, my sleepless nights, and broken backs after claiming they were not good enough.

Worse of, I wasn’t credited, I wasn’t paid. I wasn’t even compensated

“I watched the movie just a few weeks ago and got really emotional when I saw my works.
been trying to contact Ramsey and he has been ignoring.
All I wanted was just to be compensated for my hard work.

“Note, not all my designs were used.

Which is fine by me even though I put in a lot of work.

But here are some of the designs side by side scenes from the movie.

“In all honesty, all I ever wanted was to be acknowledged and compensated.

Not ignored and belittled like a nobody.

I have never dragged anyone on Twitter.

I lead quite a private life and I’m all about my hustle.

This is my story and your Retweet will help it be told.

Refer to her post and design below;

Graphic designer drags Ramsey Nouah on social media

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