Good Samaritan pays off Bobrisky’s debt as the male barbie calls to apologize

Good Samaritan pays off Bobrisky’s debt as the male barbie calls to apologize

A make-up artist who took to Instagram to drag Bobrisky over an unpaid debt finally confirms a good Samaritan has paid that Bobrisky’s debt off. And the male barbie has also rendered her apologies.

The make-up artist, @harrison_aesthetics earlier on had called out cross-dresser Bobrisky over unpaid nails and lashes bills worth 70k.

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It vexed her that Bobritsky used her granny as an excuse not to offset her bills since July 1st.

While she took to her Instagram page, she further alleged that another makeup artist, @omobolanails was a witness and was also owed by Bobrisky.

Fortunately, @harrison_aeshetics have made an upload on Instagram showing the cross-dresser, Bobrisky calling to apologize to her.

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Not only that, she further showed receipts of a credit alert paid on behalf of Bobrisky by an undisclosed individual.

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Here’s her post:

“Bobrisky222 is so lucky someone just sent 70k on her behalf in the apology he/she thinks his wise since July I. I kept quiet maybe he feels I don’t have a level.

Wahala not too much say no to fake life he called

@harrison_aesthetics @omobolanails @sam_x_nails aren’t joking with fake people ee0 let me just forgive him”

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