Go to America and face your accusers – Lauretta Onochie tells Allen Onyema

Go to America and face your accusers – Lauretta Onochie tells Allen Onyema

Presidential aide, Lauretta Onochie has advised the CEO of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, to go to the United States of America to answer to the allegations leveled against him.

She disclosed this in reaction to a declaration by the US attorney general which revealed that Allen Onyema has been charged to court over money laundering.

Reacting to the travails faced by the Air Peace boss, Lauretta Onochie tweeted that “American laws go after those who BREAK them”, therefore, Onyema should go and clarify his name.

Read her full tweets below…

1. I do not understand what Pres. @MBuhari has to do with Mr. Onyema of Airpeace being indicted and charged in the USA.

According to our Attorney General, the Fed. Govt. has not even been informed of the situation.

American laws go after those who BREAK them
What a man sows….

2. How much has Nigeria invested in the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme, NDDC & 13% derivation funds? All, mostly in a black hole Do we know the extent of poverty, ignorance & disease in the Niger Delta? Please let America too help us see how Niger Delta underdeveloped Niger Delta

3. Those of us from the Niger Delta who are the direct beneficiaries of the sufferings that emanated from the looting of our wealth, will tackle them. It’s our war that is being fought. Laws, Nigerian or American, go after those who break them so we must mind our business. QED!

4. We are smarter now than ever before. Gradually, the scales of tribalism, religious affinity and political loyalty, are falling off our eyes and being replaced by Nigerianism. ��Nigerians are not keen on tales by the moonlight. Let him Return to America and face his accusers!

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