Genevieve ghosted on her wedding day: full disclosure

Genevieve ghosted on her wedding day: full disclosure

The wedding which never happened: Genevieve ghosted on her wedding day

Am sure several people heard one time about Gene was rumoured to be getting married but am sure you don’t know her husband refused to show.

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According to an Instagram user, gistmerchant, the full story is here :

The Instagram user said Gene was dating a Nigerian sport agent who turned to a businessman named Ugo Udezue.

Futhermore, the man in question formerly used to be an agent for NBA players until he came back to the country where he established African Basketball League

Firstly, the relationship between them not that serious initially as they were just hooking up anytime he visited Nigeria

Because he had two people he was dating then in Atlanta.

So, when things didn’t work out with the two ladies he fell back to Gene and hooked her

The problem came when his father said he doesn’t like Gene because of her selfishness.

Furthermore, Ugo’s father stated both of them can’t marry because Gene will out her feelings before her husband’s own

Ugo knew this and he never told Gene anything and still leading her on to marriage level

On the D-day Gene flew to Italy with her close pals for the wedding only to find out her husband’s to be was in Lagos chilling

This outcome devastated Gene, hopefully she will get over it. As for Ugo, he’s still using his father words as an excuse for the marriage.

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