Funke Akindele: “No one is above the law” – Adunni Ade

Funke Akindele: “No one is above the law” – Adunni Ade

Actress Adunni Ade has reacted to the arraignment of Funke Akindele by stating that no one is above the law.

Adunni Ade shared a photo of herself with Funke Akindele with caption saying…

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If you really do not understand the video she put up then you definitely need help comprehending. She is an extremely careful person and does all she can to to be a Law abiding citizen of this country.
She has the same set of people around her, living with her. Same people who have been around her before the lock down. she chose to celebrate her husband with her family who have been in the house with her all along. I wish I could say much but damn, this is totally unfair. I hope you are happy whoever you are, wherever you are with this.
No one is above the law but these folks have been with her for well over 2 weeks.
We read and watch videos all over social media of folks attending weddings, funeral, churches and the cops shutting it down, some form of harassment Or even preaching to them to stop church for now but never for once an arrest.
I just saw the disgusting video of her in court and folks all around her, did y’all forget social distancing? The same reason she’s been arrested. No mask ? No gloves, nothing and she’s been arrested???? This is some Bull!
Something ain’t adding up! I pray for you Sis! I pray for the twins ??

Funke Akindele and husband JJC Skillz pleaded guilty after they were arraigned for disobeying an order restricting social gathering due to coronavirus.

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However, the couple threw a party at their residence at an estate in Ibeju-Lekki which was well attended by different celebrities.

A video shared by husband from the event showed that the guests number way more than the number of people allowed in a gathering by the order declared by the Lagos State Government.

The video led to the arrest of the couple.

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