From Celebration to Coma

Lagos Landlord authoritative act has eventually landed him into trouble, Earlier today it was reported that a Landlord in Bariga beat his tenant to Coma over celebrating a birthday party of her 3 years old son in the the compound on Sunday 5th January 2020.

The Landlord whose name is Saka was reported to have interrupt the birthday party of his tenant son on the ground that it would attract smoking and drinking in the compound of which the Celebrant mother identified Iya Azeez has promised that such wouldn’t happen as the birthday party was to celebrate a 3 years old boy and was meant for little children but these plea seem to fall on deaf ear of Mr Saka the Landlord.

Mr Saka showed his authoritative power as the Landlord of the house and threw away the birthday cake and broke the bottle of wine on the cake table and as The mother of the boy canter his action he hit a wood on her head and she immediately lose consciousness.

The Landlord has however fled before the arrival of the Policemen to the scene and the lively children who had come to celebrate with Azeez were left helplessly looking.

The question now is if you were the woman’s husband what would you have done or if you were related to this woman what would you do?

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