France to ban mass killing of live chicks

France to ban mass killing of live chicks

France is set to boycott the live destroying of chicks by 2021, declared by the agriculture minister Didier Guillaume in Paris on Tuesday.

Male chicks are unwelcome by poultry ranchers for meat since they don’t develop as quick as their female counterpart, and they don’t lay eggs reports CNN.

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This outcomes leads to about seven billion male chicks being destroyed alive or even choked to death in packs or gassed.

France will be one of the leading nations on the planet to boycott this method of mass killing reports the Guardian.

“We want to move forward, there’s no going back. The government is committed to it,” Guillaume said at a press conference.

Notwithstanding, Maxime Chaumet, general secretary of the poultry exchange body, Comit National pour la Promotion de l’Oeuf, revealed to CNN it is concerning because, as of now, there are no other optional techniques to destroying them and more research should be done this year.

“So at the end of 2021 we hope that we will have a solution,” he said.

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