Father shares what he observed from reading to his daughter

A father has taken to Twitter to reveal what he observed when reading stories to his daughter.

According to the man, the stories are always centred around wicked stepmothers and evil witches with something of importance missing.

@suleimana shared: “Reading to my little girl and wondering why all the tales are about wicked step mothers and evil witches.. where are the stories to warn her about all the unpleasant men she will encounter?”

He added: “We need to write these stories. So much of the harm that befall our girls come from men, not some step mother and wicked witches. Let’s tell them stories that will keep them alert to perverts, to rapists, to the real evil that thrives in our communities.”

In reply to a Twitter user, the father further wrote: “I will teach her about gentlemen, she will recognize them because that’s all she will ever know at home.”

Another father replied, writing: “You took the thoughts right out of my head sir…having recently given birth to my own daughter, whose smiles makes the day to day hustle and bustle worth it, the thoughts of all the unpleasant men she will com across makes my heart contract very painfully. where are the stories?”

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