Fashanu begs Tammy: Don’t make the same mistake I made

Fashanu begs Tammy: Don’t make the same mistake I made

John Fashanu has reacted to the news of Tammy Abraham snubbing the Super Eagles of Nigeria to play for the Three Lions of England.

Tammy accepted the call up by England manager to play in the Euro 2020 qualifiers against Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

If he features in the game, his eligibility to at for Nigeria will be dashed.

Reacting to the news of the call up, John Fashanu who once found himself in similar position told him not to make the same mistake he made.

“ I ’ ve now been living in Nigeria for 14 years and I know that I made the wrong choice not playing for Nigeria .

“ For him right now, everything looks like England is fantastic and wonderful. But it is only like I did , as he gets older he will realise that Nigeria is his motherland and as we have our problems in Nigeria , England also has its problems .

“ What I want to tell Tammy Abraham is to make the right choice and play for his motherland which is Nigeria . He will have more time and make more appearances playing for Nigeria but the truth is he will make more money playing for England .

“ It is now up to him (Tammy ) to decide if he wants to play for Nigeria more than 50 times or if he wants to make $ 1 m .

“ But as a patriotic Nigeria I would have loved him to play for Nigeria . Don ’ t make the same mistakes that we elders made then .

“ As an elder in the game , I can only offer advice . My advice to Tammy is to forget about money because money will come and go .

“Come back to your motherland and play for the country which I didn ’ t do . That ’ s my advice because now I know where I went wrong . I made a lot of money but I only played for England twice . I could have still made money with the Nigeria national team and made more appearances and helped the country to win many trophies and do wonderful things .

“ Now I look back and see some of the mistakes I made and I don ’ t want him and other young Nigerians to make the same mistakes that I made . ”

John Fashanu concluded saying the final decision lies with Tammy Abraham.

“ At the end of the day we must understand that his choice is his own choice. Though, we can influence his choices but he is a young man and a wonderful player who is in the best year of his life and he knows what it ’ s like”.

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Fashanu begs Tammy: Don’t make the same mistake I made
Fashanu begs Tammy: Don’t make the same mistake I made
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