Falz being dragged for not talking about #SexForGrades

Falz being dragged for not talking about #SexForGrades

Fans on social media have come out to drag Falz for not speaking since the trend of #SexForGrades began.

After Nkiru Mordi, the BBC reporter who made the discovery of a particular lecturer in University of Lagos named Dr. Boniface Igbenghu. The alleged lecturer in the video is seen seen coarsing a lady for the purpose of being intimate.

Various parastatals are reacting to this discovery and no one seems to be happy with it.

Some other persons have come out to call names of some lecturers that made their lives in University dificult because they refused them sex.

Falz as an entertainer who in previous time came out with song titled “Talk” where he shows his disgust for transactional sex.

He got slammed for the song at that point but he remained fixed with his opinion that prostitution is wrong.

Now some people are now out calling Falz for being silent on this issue of #SexForGrades by BBC reporter.

#SexForGrades: Facebook of alleged Professor

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