Fake pastor nabbed while carrying out deliverance (Video)

Fake pastor nabbed while carrying out deliverance (Video)

A fake pastor has been caught pulling off one of his scams on someone who called him for deliverance.

The post below shows the tactics used by the fake pastor who was caught on camera trying to scam someone with his tricks.

A Facebook user who shared the video wrote:

””Family Deliverance is a Scam!!!!

Hmm, I don’t know how to talk about this without insulting sincere pastors. I have brothers and cousins that stopped believing in Churches because of the level of fraud and scam in the church today.

All of you that goes about to hire prophets to go down to your village to pray and liberate your families …. This video is for you. The so called prophet went with his own “idol” so in the process of praying and digging a particular spot he will sneak the idol and claim that it is coming from “Your Father’s House” BUT he ran out of luck cos Anam boys in Anambra State are not smiling. Pls watch this video to understand.

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