Ezekwesili advise Buhari on how to save Nigeria from economic impact of Coronavirus

Ezekwesili advise Buhari on how to save Nigeria from economic impact of Coronavirus

Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili has said there is a possibility of a global recession affecting Nigeria following outbreak of Coronavirus.

Few days ago, Nigeria confirmed its second case of the CoVID-19 virus which has continued to spread widely in Europe and other countries outside of China.

The virus has recently resulted in travel bans to some countries and cancellation of premier league game between Manchester City and Arsenal.

On Tuesday, Buhari in a meeting with Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) and Assembly Healthcare Professionals Associations (AHPA) lamented that Coronavirus is affecting Nigeria’s revenue.

Buhari explained that Nigeria would have been in deep trouble if not for the rainy season and foresight in food sufficiency in the last four years.

Reacting, Ezekwesili advised Buhari-led government to immediately cancel its plans to purchase a fleet of cars pending the containment of the epidemic in order to avoid a bad impact of Coronavirus on its economy.

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Ezekwesili warned that Nigeria is already vulnerable at this point and would worsen its situation with such expenses.

On her Twitter page, the former minister wrote: “Nigerians must fasten our seat-belts as global economy catches the impact of the Health Shock from Coronavirus global. It appears that a global recession will be inevitable at this rate of impact.

“Our country entered this situation already extremely vulnerable. It saddens me.”

“One of the worst things in life that can happen to any person is to have an uncaring set of leaders in a time of crisis.

“Leadership of the NASS, Senate and House of Rep must immediately cancel their plan to purchase those fleets of vehicles. The finances of the country never justified such spending before.

“The worsened financial condition totally forbids such recklessness at this time.”

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