End SARS: Yemi Alade, other Nigerian celebrities tweet to Government

End SARS: Yemi Alade, other Nigerian celebrities tweet to Government

Some Nigerian celebrities have called for the end of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) over their recent activities in the country.

SARS has been allegedly harassing and killing Nigerians.

Their actions have led to a general outcry by Nigerians that SARS should be banned.

Small Doctor, joining the call for SARS to be banned, complained

why Nigerian youths have to live in fear of police every day.

On his Twitter page, he wrote:

This is getting worse every day, promising lives of youths been cut short.

“Why should we be living in fear? And Why should we be scared to move freely?

“Why must our peers return home and the first question we ask is “POLICE DEY ROAD” ?


The likes of Yemi Alade, Fireboy, and Tony Umez also joined the call for an end to harassment by SARS.

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Alade on her Twitter page wrote: “EndSars brutality.

@TonyUmez “The gruesome harassment of the men called SARS has to end #EndSarsNow #EndSARS

@ Fireboy, “This country, can’t believe we’re back to this again.

The Nigerian Police needs a complete reform, and they should scrap

the SARS program. Innocent Nigerian lives lost every day, it makes no sense.

“The silence of the government on this issue tells us all we need to know.

It’s a sad reality. We’re alone.

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