“End SARS movement has brought joy to me” – Ooni of Ife writes as he narrates “nasty” experience his “daughter” had with SARS

“End SARS movement has brought joy to me” – Ooni of Ife writes as he narrates “nasty” experience his “daughter” had with SARS

The Ooni of Ife has praised Nigerian youths for finally waking up and speaking with one voice.

He said the End SARS movement gives him “nothing but joy” and he went on to narrate a “nasty” experience his “daughter” had with SARS officials.

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He also addressed police officers, asking them not to harrass protesters because the protest is also for their own good.

He wrote:

The #ENDSARS movement has brought nothing but joy to me. Finally, the youths are awake, with one voice and a common goal. 
I understand your plight, my 25 year old daughter had a nasty experience with SARS, almost losing her life.

On her way to the airport, she was stopped and terribly ransacked

and surrounded by fully armed plainclothes policemen in a bus,

detained for close to 30mins of thorough questioning.

Imagine a young female for that matter,

all her belongings completely searched all because she was

with a laptop on an official assignment from her office in lagos.

I can only imagine the countless ones that have lost their lives from such ordeals, may their souls rest in peace.
I assure you that this is the beginning of greater things to come in Nigeria.

I implore you to demand for more, but plead with you to do so in a peaceful manner,

as anything outside of that will cause unnecessary havoc for all.

I have been informed of many innocent souls that were arrested and currently been detained,

be rest assured that I am pursuing the matter and they will be set free. 

To the men and women of the Nigerian police force, be assured that this movement is also for you,

we know you are humans also and your reality is as a result of your environment.

This movement demands better on your behalf

and is aimed at pushing the government to do better for you and elevate your standard of living.

Do not persecute your advocates. 
God bless Nigerian youths and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

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