End SARS: Ibadan protesters say no to outrageous bills by IBDEC [PHOTO]

End SARS: Ibadan protesters say no to outrageous bills by IBDEC [PHOTO]

Some residents of Ibadan on Monday took to the streets to kick against outrageous bills by the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC).

We reported that angry Nigerians blocked the Ibadan expressway in Ibadan calling for the total ban of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

They blocked the road in the early hours of Monday by the protesters.

The blockage of the expressway which links Ibadan and other parts of the country was

in continuation of the nationwide call for the ban of SARS.

Commuters are currently stranded on the expressway.

Some protesters said that they are demanding total police reform.

They added that banning SARS is not enough but demands an end to police brutality.

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The protesters demanded a reversal of exorbitant bills by the electricity distribution company

The protesters carried various placards with inscriptions saying

“No to outrageous bill”, “IBDEC we reject your killing bill”

and “We need prepaid meter”.

A spokesperson for the protesters, Mr. Goke Ojo noted that the estimated billing by IBDEC was exorbitant.

He added that this is causing economic hardship for consumers and

urged the federal government to quickly attend to their demands.

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