Wotzup Opinion: Emperor Geezy hires Olisa Agbakoba to fight Kizz Daniel in court

Wotzup Opinion: Emperor Geezy hires Olisa Agbakoba to fight Kizz Daniel in court

The former Kizz Daniel’s boss Festus Ehimare popular known as Emperor Geezy has decided to go legal on Kizz Daniel.

The G-Worldwide boss is now keen on making sure Kizz Daniel is brought to book. According to Festus Ehimare. Kizz Daniel allegedly breached the terms in the contract made and going to court to settle the rift is the best method. This action according to him will serve as a deterrent to other artistes who flaunt or do not respect contracts.

Looking at the sum of relief Festus Ehimare is requesting is almost NGN600 Million which is a major sum of money (See the amount breakdown here). The sum amounting to this is probably due to the fact that Kizz Daniel refused to pay the contract exit fee which would have been lower.

This situation is pretty locked, as Kizz Daniel is very young and has probably been misled, Emperor Geezy is also fixed on making sure Kizz Daniel pays what he owes.

Kiss Daniel allegedly has previously won a case against Emperor Geezy in the year 2018.

The question here is Kizz Daniel capable of paying such fee or it is just a way to make Kizz Daniel scared?. Well, the inclusion of Olisa Agbakoba on this issue goes down to show how serious the issue is.

Olisa Agbakoba is not a name to toy with when it comes to legal squabbles. He is also a Senior Advocate in Nigeria, where his countless court successes has been recorded.

What we at the WOTZUPNG would love is an out of court settlement which has probably been initiated before now. Another trial should be attempted. At the same time, we would love Nigeria artistes to respect contracts without problems. Akon in a recent interview says Africa artistes do not honour contracts which Kizz Daniel is allegedly affirming.

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